Meet The Eiriol Team

Management Structure & Personnel

Eiriol has:

  • 1 x Full-time Manager
  • 2 x Full-time Advocates
  • 1 x Part-time Advocates
  • 1 x Part-time Client caseworker
  • 1 x Part-time Finance Manager
  • 2 x Part-time Children and Young People Advocates
  • 1 x Part-time Shared Reading Development Officer

Our staff have a range of experience not only in mental health but other roles including business management, social work, teaching, care home management, counselling, drug rehabilitation, restorative justice in prisons and nursing.

Eiriol are able to provide advocacy in English and Welsh.

Lynn Beachey


Since 2009 it has been my great privilege to work for Eiriol, a charity who works tirelessly to help clients with mental ill health, and their carers, overcome barriers in their lives. I am proud of the quality advocacy service delivered by the team at Eiriol who show such dedication and commitment to their clients through their one to one work, but also give a voice to service users on a bigger scale, through local and national networks that Eiriol attend. In the coming months I hope to see the work of Eiriol grow though additional projects, and delivery of more awareness raising and advocacy training to meet the needs of people living in West Wales.

Janet Chiaro

Finance Manager

I am the finance manager of Eiriol. I am responsible for the day to day running of the finances of Eiriol. I also help the Trustees set their expenditure budgets annually , keep and monitor all records of Eiriol’s income and expenditure for the charity’s accounts to be prepared and audited I also help Eiriol seek funding as and when necessary.

Clare Singleton


I have been working for Eiriol as one of the advocates on the 50+ team since the project started nearly 4 years ago. My aim is to support people to overcome the challenges which face them by providing relevant information and exploring the options that are available. This then enables people to make informed decisions on issues which are affecting their lives.

Celyn Bowen


My name is Celyn Bowen and I am an advocate at Eiriol. I am passionate about supporting people to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. I support people to access the right service at the right time and make people aware of their rights and entitlements. I am happy to deliver advocacy in English and Welsh.

Tom Wood

Generic Advocate Project Lead

My name is Tom Wood and I am the project lead on the generic community mental health advocacy project. I have been an advocate since early 2014 and have dealt with a variety of cases comprising of a wide range of different issues. I thoroughly enjoy providing and helping to provide a voice for those who are not confident enough to do so themselves.

Katie Barrett

Generic Advocate

My name is Katie Barrett and I am a Generic Advocate and work predominantly with clients who are 18 to 50 years old. I am passionate about supporting service users to make positive changes and in helping enable clients to meet their objectives in whatever capacity I can. I also assist individuals in understanding their rights and can provide a gateway to appropriate services which can help. I practice Advocacy in a person centred way which means I regard all clients as individuals who have varying needs and believe no two individuals are the same. I have personal experience of some of the challenges people with mental health issues face and as a result I feel passionate about actively assisting clients by supporting them in whatever capacity they desire.

Peggy Spooner

Client Caseworker

At Eiriol my official title is a client caseworker. This means I help the advocates with their clients, this is to ensure their time is best used supporting the clients. I assist in the organisation of appointments for the Ceredigion drop in and the Triage project here in Carmarthen. My role is to signpost clients to the support they need and with other linking organisations. I am passionate about helping people and knowing that talking to me and directing them or assisting them myself has made a beginning of a positive outcome and future is highly satisfying.