Carers’ Advocacy Service

Eiriol provides professional community based advocacy to those that are caring for individuals experiencing mental ill health. Our carers advocacy is independent from all other services and will take instructions from the client and represent their views and feelings and help protect their carers rights. The advocacy service is free of charge and is available to anyone living in Carmarthenshire. The service is available both English and Welsh

Who can this project help?

Eiriols’ Carers Advocacy Project is designed to support anyone living in Carmarthenshire who cares for someone with a mental health issue. Our carers’ advocates can help you find specialist services from other providers, inform you about your rights as a carer, support you in meetings and appointments as well as help you with making telephone calls and writing letters.

88 Carers Helped in 2014

What our Carers’ Advocacy Clients have said

I don’t know what I would have done without Celyn to support me. It’s made such a huge difference

Dear Clare & Celyn, heartfelt thanks for your special help today. Your input was exactly what we both desperately needed, and at exactly the right time!.....something shifted after seeing you – great to smile and laugh again

A note to say a big THANK YOU for attending the meeting yesterday.Knowing you were there gave us so much reassurance and confidence.....What a difference to previous meetings – at long last we feel we will get some help and that someone is listening to what we are saying.....again many many thanks for your understanding and support

Mental Health Advocacy

Eiriol’s Generic Mental Health Advocacy project supports adults 18+ in the community with mental health issues. This service takes a holisitc approach and supports clients to access services not only for care and treatment, but to assist them to access other specialist services such as benefits advice, housing and debt services.

How Can Advocacy Help?

Advocacy services enable people to get their voice heard and their wishes respected. Eiriols advocates can help you do this by supporting you to find other specialist services, helping you make telephone calls, write letters or make complaints. They can also support you at meetings or appointments. Eiriol also promote self-advocacy, helping you develop strategies and confidence to manage effectively.

Eiriols advocacy service is open to everyone is Carmarthenshire who suffers with a mental health issue, and also to those who care for people with a mental health issue.

Contacting Eiriol

Want to find out more about our carers advocacy service to see if it could help you? You can contact us on 01267 231122 or use our contact form.

  • Based in Carmarthen with drop-ins at Llanelli and Newcastle Emlyn
  • A wide range of advocacy services for people with mental health issues
  • A free and confidential service, available to anyone who lives in Carmarthenshire
  • Friendly, professional advocates who can support you to get your voice heard
  • We can help by finding other services supporting you at meetings, helping with letters and phone calls.