Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eiriol do?

Eiriol offers an independent advocacy support service to people with mental health issues. Supporting those with a mental health issue of any kind. Eiriol’s service extends to support carers of people with mental health issues.

Why does Eiriol offer this service?

People with mental health issues are very vulnerable and sometimes cannot speak for themselves. We are a well-respected local organisation (based in Carmarthenshire, west Wales) and we have been providing advocacy work for over 15 years. All our advocates are professionals who have or are working toward the national advocacy qualification. This results in Eiriol being able to offer support to people with mental health issues, from small matters to larger ones, with the aim to assist in upholding that individual’s independence.

What projects does Eiriol have?

Our main projects are:

  1. Generic Mental Health Advocacy – supports anyone with mental health issues.
  2. Carers Advocacy – support for those caring for people with mental health issues.

All our projects are for adults aged 18 years and over.

Are you a charity?

Yes, we are a small local charity offering a FREE mental health advocacy service that adheres to the formal advocacy charter and code of practice.

Who instructs the advocate?

All our advocates listen and take instructions from our clients about the help they need.

What can an independent advocate do to help me?

At Eiriol our advocates can:

  • Inform clients of their rights and options and assist with complaints' procedures.
  • Assist in finding other specialist support organisations e.g. solicitors, counselling services, debt advice, benefits help and housing matters, etc.
  • Help clients express their views by writing letters, making telephone calls and arranging meetings with professionals and support services about the client's issues.
  • Prepare clients for meetings.
  • Support clients at meetings, e.g. with social workers, health professionals, local authority staff and others.
  • Generally help the client to express their views and have their opinions taken into consideration.
Do you offer services in Welsh and English?

Yes, our services can be provided in both Welsh and English languages.

Do you work for Social Services/ the County Council/the Health Authority?

No, we offer an entirely independent service, so everything you discuss with us is strictly confidential and we do not withhold any information from our clients. Information will not be shared with any other services without your permission.

How can I access Eiriol's services?

Just contact us on 01267 231 122 or FREEPHONE 0800 206 1387. You don’t need a referral, our only requirements are:

  • you are suffering from (or feel you may be suffering from) a mental health issue


  • you are a carer of someone who has a mental health issue


  • you are aged 18 years or over and live in Carmarthenshire.
Is there a waiting list for Eiriol's services?

We try to begin providing advocacy services to our clients as soon as possible. However there can sometimes be a waiting list for our services. Please call us on 01267 231 122, we’ll be happy to let you know the current availability of the service you require.

Do you charge for services?

No, we are a charitable organisation and offer independent advocacy services free of charge to anyone with mental health issues, and carers of people with mental health issues, living in Carmarthenshire.

Do you offer advice?

No, we do not offer advice: we can help you find and explore the options available to you, so you can make informed decisions yourself.

Do you offer a befriending service?

No, we don’t offer these services ourselves but we can provide details of befriending services in the local area. Please call us on 01267 231 122 if you would like us to do this for you.

Can you offer legal/benefits/housing advice?

No, we don’t offer these services directly, but if you’re not sure where to get this advice we can put you in touch with the right people to help you resolve your legal, benefits and housing issues. Please call us on 01267 231 122.

Can you help me with transport?

Unfortunately no, we’re unable to provide transport to our offices or to meetings/appointments.

When is your service available?

Our advocates operate during working hours (Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm). If you catch us when we’re out of the office, or the phone line is busy, please leave a message on our answerphone (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.