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Eiriol Advocacy Video


Since 2003, Eiriol's Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service has been dedicated to supporting those suffering with mental health issues and their carers in Carmarthenshire.

Our advocacy services are free, funded by our charitable fundraising and the generous support of organisations including, Hywel Dda University Health Board, Carmarthenshire County Council and the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

We have a team of dedicated advocates backed by a board of Trustees with a wide range of professional qualifications. All our advocates are supported to achieve their National Advocacy Qualifications and as an organisation have been recognised for our excellent service delivery by being awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) in April 2017.

We promote the views of our clients on a local and national level through forums and partner organisations, and actively challenge mental health stigma. Our latest statistics can be seen on the right, and our innovative “Triage, Duty and Pool” advocacy system has enabled us to meet the ever-increasing demands for our service.

We have an ongoing process of project development, aiming to address unmet advocacy needs within Carmarthenshire and beyond, including Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.

We are actively looking for volunteers in a variety of roles within the organisation, so please contact us if you would like to explore current opportunities.

For the last 15 years Eiriol's independent mental health advocacy service has been dedicated to supporting those suffering with mental health issues and their carers in Carmarthenshire.


Advocacy is help and support to get your voice heard, your opinions listened to and your wishes are taken into consideration. An advocate can help you find other specialist services like benefits advice and housing advice, and help you understand your care and treatment. Advocates can support you at meetings/appointments and write letters or make phone calls to help you resolve your issues. Advocacy does not make decisions for you, an advocate will issue you with a range of options and will support you whilst you make a decision.


Eiriol offers an independent mental health advocacy service in Carmarthenshire. Eiriol can help anyone aged over 18 years who suffer from mental health issues or is a carer for someone with mental health difficulties. The service is free and confidential, accessed through our drop-in centres and meetings with our specialist advocates.

Eiriol has a team of fully trained advocates with specialised knowledge of many conditions which can affect mental health. If there is a condition or issue that Eiriol is unable to deal with, we will collaborate with other organisations, to provide the best possible support for the client.


Thanks to my advocate changing my and my families lives, I am now the proud holder of the Diana award for courageous citizen.

I think the services I’ve received from Eiriol is outstanding. Makes things easier knowing that your point/feelings are put across. It’s like having a helping hand to sort out problems.

Having an advocate has helped me enormously, helped me reduce my stress levels, to deal with problems in my life