Eiriol – Our History

Eiriol is a mental health advocacy service founded in 1998 under the management of Carmarthenshire Citizens Advice Bureau. In 2003, after listening to our service users, we became an independent organisation, with a board of trustees, most of whom were service users.

In 2003, funded by the local health board and the local authority, Eiriol had one full-time advocate providing advocacy mainly to clients in hospital settings who had been detained under the Mental Health Act. We recognised that the need for advocacy support was far greater than this service could provide, and sought out additional funding for community services.

What Does Eiriol Do?

Providing community mental health advocacy for people with mental health issues and their carers in Carmarthenshire.

Major Projects
Our major projects are : Generic Mental Health Advocacy for adults aged 18+ and Carers Advocacy for adults caring for others with mental health issues.

Trustees and Management
Our board of trustees, led by Dinah Davies, and our manager Lynn Beachey, oversee the activities at Eiriol.