Donate to Eiriol

It’s easy to donate to Eiriol. For your safety and security we use Paypal for donations, and you can donate as little (or as much) as you want. You can use a credit or debit card and you don’t need to make a Paypal account:

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Leaving a Legacy to Eiriol

Eiriol provides a free one-to-one advocacy service or one of the most vunerable groups in society – people who suffer with mental health issues and their carers. We aim to provide support and assistance to enable them to get their voice heard and the their opinions taken into consideration and eventually to enable them to develop the confidence for speak for themselves.

If you feel you could help us by leaving part of your estate to help fund Eiriols activities, no matter how large or small, we would be extremely grateful. If you have already made a will, it’s easy to add a codicil naming Eiriol as a beneficiary. Please contact us on 01267 231122 for more information