Eiriol has over 15 years experience in delivering independent advocacy for mental health. We are a local charity supporting some of the most vulnerable people living in Carmarthenshire. Our services are free to the client and we depend entirely on the support of our funders and supporters. We aim to deliver the very highest quality of service to our clients and ensure our funds are used in the most efficient way possible.

Information for Funding Organisations

Eiriol is a mental health advocacy service founded in 1998, under the management of Carmarthenshire Citizens Advice Bureau. In 2003, after listening to our service users, we became an independent organisation, with a board of trustees. Eiriol then registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee.

In 2003, funded by the local health board and the local authority, Eiriol had one full-time advocate, providing advocacy mainly to clients in hospital settings who had been detained under the Mental Health Act. Eiriol recognised that the need for advocacy support was far greater than this service could provide. Eiriol, therefore, sought out additional funding, and today employs 4 members of staff and has 2 major service projects operating in Carmarthenshire.

Our services are free of charge and we are independent of any other organisation and work solely under instruction from our clients.

At Eiriol we also raise awareness of mental health issues through information sharing and training sessions with service users and their carers and other professionals in healthcare, social care, housing and benefits. We maintain accurate and up-to-date records under strict rules of confidentiality.

At Eiriol we need two types of funding:

  1. Project Funding
  2. Core Funding

1. Project Funding

Generally, Eiriol's projects are time-limited. As a result, we need funds not only to run the projects but also to bridge the gap between the end of one project and the next.

At the moment we are running the following project services:

  • Generic Mental Health Advocacy
  • Carers Advocacy

We are seeking funding to continue these projects beyond the current financial year as well as generate new funding in the following area:

  • Children and Young People's Advocacy (for those aged up to 18 years living in Carmarthenshire)

2. Core Funding

Our project funding covers essential aspects of the management of each service but does not cover core needs such as business management and general administration. Core funding enables the charity to plan and manage itself on a day-to-day basis without money being tied to the delivery of a specific project.

Eiriol is an independent charity providing advocacy services to the people of Carmarthenshire who are experiencing mental health issues and also for carers who look after people with mental health issues. These are some of the most vulnerable people in society and often need significant advocacy support. Our services are provided on a confidential, one-to-one basis and are offered free of charge. The demand for these services continues to increase every year and we know there is a large unmet need for community advocacy amongst many other specific groups e.g. parents, children (under 18 years), veterans, ex-offenders, etc.

We rely entirely on our funders to enable us to provide this service.

Eiriol’s activities and services are overseen by a Board of Trustees (all volunteers), Chaired by Dinah Davies. Eiriol encourages representation and feedback from our service users on the Board of Trustees to ensure our services consistently meet the real needs of our clients.

The Eiriol Board meets monthly with an updated agenda for discussion. The Eiriol manager (salaried) reports directly at each board meeting on management and general matters affecting day-to-day operations. Financial matters are reported directly to the Trustee Treasurer who reports every month at the Board meeting.

The Board often requests presentations from other staff members, including advocates, to provide an update on their specific roles. Client information is not shared with the Board as all client files are kept highly confidential.

Eiriol aims to operate an efficient and professional advocacy service. All our advocates have achieved or are working to achieve an advocacy qualification. In addition all our staff have their own training budget to ensure their training is kept up-to-date and relevant to their roles.

We aim for best practice in all our activities and endeavour to use our funding in the most efficient and effective manner. Together with the input from the Board of Trustees, our finance planning and research/evaluation activities are invaluable to ensure our funds are used correctly and are achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Since 2017 Eiriol holds the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) from the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) a nationally recognised quality standard for independent advocacy.

The Board of Trustees 2019

  • Dinah Davies – Chair to the Board of Trustees
  • David Jones – Secretary
  • Huw Michael – Treasurer
  • Caroline Evans – Trustee
  • Emlyn Schiavone – Trustee
  • Stephen Thomas – Vice Chair

If you’d like to know more about our trustees click here

New & Current Projects

This project can provide advocacy services to everyone aged 18 years and over living in Carmarthenshire. Our independent advocates support people in the community with a wide range of mental health issues (from stress and anxiety to more serious clinical conditions such as schizophrenia).

We can provide support even if the person feels that they are suffering with a mental health condition but has not been diagnosed. This project forms the backbone of the Eiriol service and covers the large numbers of people who do not require Carers' advocacy. The service is currently supported by Hywel Dda University Health Board and Carmarthenshire County Council.

This service, funded by Carmarthenshire County Council, aims to support carers of people with mental health issues. It is entirely separate from the Generic Advocacy Service, as the carers themselves need not have mental health issues in order to benefit. It’s extremely important to support mental health carers as these are often the people who voluntarily care on a full-time basis for people who are extremely vulnerable. Without support, they can often end up in difficult circumstances and sometimes develop significant health problems themselves through their caring role.